“Because there’s no time for downtime.” That’s the tagline for the 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, and it’s really the main reason why waterless fire suppression systems can prove to be invaluable to your Tulsa or Oklahoma City business.

Typical fire sprinkler systems are highly effective at extinguishing fires in many types of spaces, but they may not be the best choice for areas with sensitive equipment or irreplaceable art, documents, and other materials. Waterless fire suppression systems can provide the reliable fire protection needed while not damaging expensive items.

“Consider the electronic and electrical components that play a critical role in our lives today. Water is conductive and can cause short circuits, irreparable damage and data loss — damage that can lead to downtime of systems critical to your business, a city and even human lives,” 3M noted. “Likewise, irreplaceable art, archives and artifacts often damaged by water and can only be recovered at great cost and effort — if at all.”

Clean extinguishing agents are waterless fire suppression systems that discharge the suppressant as a gas quickly filling a room to extinguish the fire in its incipient stage, before it has an opportunity to spread or even reach the “flame” stage. Because it is discharged as a gas, the clean agent fire suppression system leaves no residue and is non-conductive. Thus, this waterless fire suppression system is not harmful to electrical equipment or other critical assets like those in server rooms, laboratories, process control rooms, or other areas. In addition, it isn’t harmful to important documents, records, or priceless paintings and art.

Because the world today is run on computers and business continuity depends on these electronic systems, waterless fire suppression is the ideal protection system for numerous businesses. Downtime can cost a company greatly, even jeopardizing a business altogether. Clean agent systems can save a company costly cleanup and can provide a higher level of fire protection in rooms with sensitive equipment.

waterless fire suppression

For instance, an experiment conducted by the 3M company showed the ineffectiveness of fire sprinklers on a server room fire. During the experiment, a small fire was started inside a server cabinet, but the fire sprinkler system was not quickly able to detect the fire, not until it reached a certain temperature. Then when the sprinkler did activate, the water released could not penetrate the enclosed spaces of the cabinet to extinguish the fire. Afterward, the smoke and water damage made the server equipment inoperable.

However, the same experiment was conducted using the 3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. The clean agent system is designed to detect a fire at an earlier stage, so the system quickly activated before smoke filled the room. Because the clean agent is discharged as a gas and fills the room, it also quickly penetrated the tight spaces of the server cabinet to extinguish the fire just 20 seconds after activation. And after the experiment using the clean agent, all the servers and electronical equipment remain operational.

3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is also an “environmentally sustainable solution,” 3M noted and offers the “largest margin of safety for occupied spaces.” These properties, along with its exceptional effectiveness as an extinguishing agent, make it also ideal for special hazards areas and industries such as oil and gas, marine, aviation, and the military.

If you want to protect expensive and sensitive equipment or documents in your business, call us today to learn more about waterless fire suppression systems. At Mac Systems in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, we can design, install, and maintain the best waterless fire suppression solution to fit your business needs.