We may often think of fire safety tips in regard to our homes. We make sure our children know what to do in a fire, and we regularly check our smoke alarms. But how is your business in regard to fire safety? In the fast-paced commercial world, we could easily overlook implementing the necessary fire precautions and vital employee fire safety training.

The start of a new year is a good time to check your fire prevention program to ensure you have everything you need in place to keep your employees safe as well as mitigate costly damage. What things should you consider? Below are just a few fire safety questions and suggestions to consider…

Is your business fire protection system in good working condition? Has it been inspected recently?

You may have a commercial fire alarm and suppression system installed in your Tulsa business, but it’s vital that this intricate system is well-maintained. Are all aspects of your fire protection system up to code? Regular inspections, testing, and maintenance will ensure your business is best protected in a fire. This includes inspecting fire extinguishers and fire sprinkler systems for signs of damage. Whether in Tulsa or the OKC area, our licensed fire protection system technicians can inspect your system and make the needed repairs so that you stay safe and up to code.

Not only should the main aspects of your fire protection system be regularly check, but also be sure to check other fire safety systems such as fire doors to ensure they work properly. Fire doors are designed to slow the spread of smoke and the fire so that people have time to escape. Open or damaged fire doors are thus very dangerous in a fire, and they among the common fire code violations that businesses often face, but one that can easily be prevented.

Do your employees know what to do in a fire?

It’s important that all employees are regularly trained on fire safety and prevention. This would include conducting regular fire drills and training them how to use the right fire extinguisher for the particular hazard. They should also know how to properly assess a fire to know whether the fire extinguisher should be used or if the fire is too large, thus making using the fire extinguisher unsafe.

All employees should be taught basic fire prevention tips such as not overloading electrical outlets, turning off small heaters and other small appliances, closing fire doors, practicing good housekeeping, properly disposing of any cigarettes, and any fire dangers specific to your business.

Do you have fire safety checklists in place at your Tulsa business to help prevent a devastating fire?

Having a fire safety checklist in place will make it easier to perform annual evaluations of your overall fire protection plan. Make a checklist of common fire code violations such as blocked exits and locked doors, unclear exit signs, permanent use of extension cords, non-working emergency lights, and so on.

fire safety checklistIt’s important to ensure that all hallways, stairwells, and emergency exits are kept clear of debris so that a fast and easy exit is available during an emergency.

Make sure electrical outlets are never overloaded and heating units are regularly maintained.

As part of your checklist, make sure to schedule annual inspections of your fire alarms and fire suppression systems, or at the required intervals.

The fire protection system specialists at Mac Systems in both Tulsa and OKC can help you with all your fire alarm and suppression system needs. We can schedule regular testing, inspections, and maintenance to make sure you stay safe and code compliant.