Does your Tulsa or Oklahoma City business have a fire suppression system installed? If not, are you considering installing one? If so, you’re probably trying to decide which type of fire suppression system would be best and most cost-effective for your building. There are many options and installing the right suppression system has a great impact on protecting people and your property. You may have heard of CO2 fire suppression systems but are not sure what situations or environments they would best protect. Let’s discuss what they are and what applications they are used in.

What are CO2 fire suppression systems?

These are fire extinguishing systems that discharge carbon dioxide into an area when a fire is detected to smother the fire by removing much
kidde co2 fire suppressionof the oxygen that a fire would need to continue burning. There are high pressure and low pressure CO2 fire suppression systems. High pressure systems are typically used in smaller areas whereas low pressure systems are used in larger applications.

When would CO2 systems be used?

These systems are most often used when a typical fire sprinkler system that discharges water would damage sensitive and expensive items or equipment such as in server rooms, printing areas, flammable liquid storage areas, spray booths, marine vessels, rolling mills, dust collectors, power generator areas, metal production areas, etc. CO2 systems are highly effective at extinguishing various types of hazards.

However, because carbon dioxide is very dangerous, even deadly, for humans at these concentrations, these fire suppression systems are only used in buildings with rare or no occupancy.

What are the benefits of using CO2 fire suppression systems?

CO2 systems are widely used in a number of various applications because of their many benefits. These fire suppression systems are very cost-effective and can quickly and effectively smother fires caused by a variety of different hazards including highly combustible materials.

Carbon dioxide is also non-conductive and thus won’t harm electronics and other sensitive equipment. Because it uses a gas, CO2 systems won’t damage property by leaving behind a residue and thus needs no clean-up. In addition, because it’s a naturally occurring gas, it is also environmentally friendly. Because of its low cost combined with how effective it is without damaging property, CO2 fire suppression systems are widely used in a variety of applications.

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Knowing which fire suppression system to install can be difficult and time-consuming to research. While CO2 fire suppression systems are used in a number of industries, other fire suppression systems such as clean agent systems can be more beneficial overall, especially if the space will be occupied by people. Clean agent fire suppression systems can provide many of the benefits of CO2 systems, but can also be used in occupied work spaces.

Mac Systems in both Tulsa and OKC can help you decide which fire protection system, whether a CO2 fire suppression system, clean agent system, or a more traditional fire suppression system would best fit your business.


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