Mac Systems is Committed


to giving back to our community and local organizations, and we consider it both a responsibility and a privilege. Our company values leadership and local philanthropy as a way to improve the lives of those in our community. Whether it’s through involvement in community events or donating to causes and local charities, supporting our community is our never-ending goal.



Mac Systems values community involvement because we believe that success should be shared and that if we are succeeding then our community is succeeding. This is why we welcome the chance to encourage and support the success of our juniors and young adults.



Our involvement extends beyond our local community and across the state of Oklahoma. With offices and employees in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City, this is our home. We take great pride in contributing to the roots and well being of Oklahoma’s people.



Our non-profit contribution programs are the main way that we give back to the most important causes of our state and nation. The list of charities that we support is diverse and highlights our concern for all facets of our community.