Back to School Fire Safety Tips: College Edition

The start of school is a busy time. Not only are you getting supplies ready, but college students may be in a whirlwind of activity to get everything they need to move into their dorm room or their off-campus apartment. One thing college students and their parents may...

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Emergency Communication Systems – Crucial for Life Safety

Emergency communication systems (ECS), which are also known as mass notification systems (MNS), may sometimes be looked at as an unnecessary addition to a life safety system, but they can prove invaluable in giving occupants the clear, specific direction they need.

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The Truth About How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work

The benefits of having fire sprinklers in your home and business are overwhelming. Just last month, a mother and her child in Oklahoma City were saved when fire sprinklers in their apartment put out a fire that had them trapped inside. “In fact, sprinklers cut the...

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