Emergency Communication Systems – Crucial for Life Safety

Emergency communication systems (ECS), which are also known as mass notification systems (MNS), may sometimes be looked at as an unnecessary addition to a life safety system, but they can prove invaluable in giving occupants the clear, specific direction they need.

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The Truth About How Fire Sprinkler Systems Work

The benefits of having fire sprinklers in your home and business are overwhelming. Just last month, a mother and her child in Oklahoma City were saved when fire sprinklers in their apartment put out a fire that had them trapped inside. “In fact, sprinklers cut the...

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Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance – What Not to Overlook

Fire sprinkler systems are “highly effective and reliable elements” of a fire protection system, as the NFPA noted. They are key components in providing life safety and property protection for businesses. According to an NFPA report, fire sprinklers were effective in...

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Why Incorporate Access Control into Your Security?

As security threats continue to increase in today’s world, it’s vital that companies in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City make their facilities as secure as possible, not only to protect their property but also to protect their employees and customers. Access control...

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