Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance: Don’t Forget to Drain Drum Drips

Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your Tulsa or Oklahoma City fire sprinkler system if they are not properly maintained. Thus, it’s vital to regularly check your fire sprinkler system and, in the case of dry fire sprinkler or pre-action systems, drain drum drips to prevent pipes from freezing.

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When Is It Best to Use Foam Fire Suppression Systems?

Not all businesses need the same type of fire suppression system. In some cases, the traditional wet sprinkler system would be ineffective, even dangerous. In those situations, foam fire suppression systems may be the best solutions.

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Back to School Fire Safety Tips: College Edition

The start of school is a busy time. Not only are you getting supplies ready, but college students may be in a whirlwind of activity to get everything they need to move into their dorm room or their off-campus apartment. One thing college students and their parents may...

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Emergency Communication Systems – Crucial for Life Safety

Emergency communication systems (ECS), which are also known as mass notification systems (MNS), may sometimes be looked at as an unnecessary addition to a life safety system, but they can prove invaluable in giving occupants the clear, specific direction they need.

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